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Trailer Watch: Inception gets it right

July 9, 2010

I’ve got to tell you, I’m really excited to see the movie Inception. Most of my anticipation stems from the fact that I have NO idea what it’s about, and the trailers are so intriguing. Check out the first teaser:

It basically tells you nothing, but shows you it was A) directed by someone whose work I like (Christopher Nolan) and B) stars someone whose work I like (Leo DiCaprio). In its measly one minute of silence it shows you drama, mystery, and sci-fi/fantasy. I was hooked immediately. Then came the second teaser:

Ok, so we’re given the premise that there’s some sort of dream thievery going on, lots of stunning visuals, and another awesome actor (Ellen Page). The visuals and dream-sense remind me of the use of memory and thought patterns in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I LOVED. Yet still, we’re kind of unsure exactly what the movie is actually about. Ok, third times a charm?:

After the third official trailer, we’re finally getting the basic idea of the film, potential conflict and even some back story on our hero. Still, the whole thing is clouded in obscurity.

My point here is, in a movie industry where too often the entirety of a film is given away in a three minute preview, Inception is doing a heck of a job at keeping its secrets. I want to see the film because I feel like I haven’t seen enough of it in those five minutes. And that, folks, is the point of a trailer.

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