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Bucket List Concert: Dave Matthews Band Live at Citi Field

July 19, 2010

This weekend (7/17) I jumped on an extra ticket to the sold out run of Dave Matthews Band at Citi Field here in NYC. DMB is one of those bands that I loved in middle school then rejected in high school as a result of a gothy then indie sense of mainstream hatred. Now, I’m back to loving them again because mainstream or not, they’re a damn good band. More than that, they’re a damn good live band. I thought I should probably see them live before another one of them peaces out into the great beyond. I knew they would play a lot of the newer stuff, which I wasn’t really familiar with, but I still rocked out to the new songs just as much as my old favorites.

Apparently, they’re working with two different set lists, which I understand as musicians they’d prefer to do for varieties sake. It annoyed me only because, as a first time attendee, I didn’t get to hear the songs they played the night before at the same venue (and vice versa for someone who attended only7/16). I assume that these days hard core fans shell out to attend any and all concerts within their area (one friend of a friend I went with had seen DMB 73 times which is, in my opinion, overkill for anything). But isn’t that just maybe a little unfair to the casual fan such as myself? Shouldn’t you be giving all of your audiences the same experience?

I’m only bitching about this because according to my DMB aficionado friend (43 times) they had played “Ants Marching” the night before on 7/16 and thus, would not be playing it the night I went, 7/17. Yes I know it’s their most popular song. Yes I know they’re probably tired of playing it. But COME ON DMB. You’re never going to go to a U2 concert without hearing “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” or a Pearl Jam concert without hearing “Alive” (side note: I love the 90s). So, that made me a tad grumpy, but taking a peak at the set lists from both nights I’m glad I went Saturday. Night two of any double header is, apparently, played for the long term/old school fans. Who knew? I’m sort of a large venue noob; very rarely do I see big arena sized concerts, opting more for leetle bands in leetle venues, or even medium bands in theaters. Mostly because I can’t really afford it, and also because I don’t know the secret tricks to getting tickets that sell out before they go on sale.

So DMB’s night two set list had a bunch of my old school faves. I’d say I’m more familiar with their first three albums and a mixture of singles from the later ones. With stars next to the old songs I was familiar with and my favorite’s underlined, here’s how the show rolled out (including some shaky, poor quality clips of the 7/17 found on youtube):

1. The Stone*

2. Warehouse*

3. One Sweet World*

4. Funny the Way it is

5. Seek Up (From their first live album, though I didn’t really remember it)

6. Seven

7. Squirm

8. Crash Into Me*

9. You Might Die Trying

10. Proudest Monkey*

11. Satellite* (This was the first song I ever slow danced to! Guy turned into a bastard)

12. Spaceman

13. Dancing Nancies*

14. Gravedigger*

15. Black Jack

16. Stay (Wasting Time)*

17. Two Step (my absolute favorite song of theirs ever)*

18. Some Devil

19. Shake me like a monkey

20. Stefan Lessard solo

21. All Along the Watchtower (Also awesome)*

It was crazy fun, I danced like a nut job and I’m super glad I finally saw them live.

Also, I’d like to point out just how much I behaved myself attending a concert at Met’s stadium with a bunch of Yankees fans.


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