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Entertainment Weekly apparently likes Leo too.

July 23, 2010

This weeks cover story in Entertainment Weekly is about the secrets of the movie Inception. I have yet to read it, since I don’t want to be spoiled; hopefully I’ll catch the film this weekend. But their “EW Looks Back” section this week is also devoted to Leo. Offering a sampling of their coverage and cover stories, I can’t help but notice that some quotations from their previous editions support the thoughts I had on Leo in my last post. For Example:

– In their 1998 cover story on Titanic, DiCaprio, “lobbied to make his Titanic character more distinctive. ‘ “Look,” James Cameron told him, “I’m not going to make this guy brooding and neurotic. I’m not going to give him a tic and a limp and all the things you want.” ‘ ” So did Leo have proclivities towards more character-types than leading hunk types even back in his Titanic days? Seems so.

-Even more supportive of this are Leo’s remarks in EW’s cover story for The Aviator. Leo said, “I always loved to watch a character alone with his elements…I love being alone with a character like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. I like simple kinds of character studies.”

-EW also had it’s doubts back in the day. In their “Best of 1998” edition they declared Leo Entertainer of the Year, yet wrote, “We find ourseles worried about his future…questioning whether he can outlive his super stardom, if he can emerge as an artist.”

Indeed he has EW.

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