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Trailer Watch: Eat Pray Love

July 24, 2010

Another summer movie I am excited to see is Eat Pray Love.  I’m always skeptical of book adaptations; there are only a few cases I can think of where I thought the film was better than the book (Atonement, Everything is Illuminated). I truly loved reading  Eat Pray Love. Despite the obvious critiques that the author is an incredibly selfish and irresponsible human being, I found her journey very moving, and the book really had a profound affect on me.

I am ambivalent about Julia Roberts, though it’s not surprising that they got America’s Sweetheart to play the title role in one of America’s most popular books. I hope they don’t turn it into too much of a chick flick. Actually, I think it has the potential to be quite the opposite of a chick flick if they do it right. A chick flick is mostly defined by a female lead’s search for the right guy, whereas one of Eat Pray Love‘s main themes is Elizabeth Gilbert examining her life without the influence of a male presence. I truly believe the whole book is like that; it’s a human story, rather than a “woman’s book.” Unfortunately I don’t know that male audiences will embrace it.  Natch, I’m totally going to see it, probably with a girlfriend. 🙂

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