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Summer TV FTW! : Mad Men, Rescue Me and Weeds are back with a vengeance!

July 28, 2010

Two of my summer TV faves returned recently; Rescue Me and Mad Men and another, Weeds, is on its way. Remember a few years ago when there was nothing to watch during the summer? Thank GOODNESS that’s changed. Also, remember back when the movies were better than TV? See how that’s changed?

The season 3 finale of Mad Men was so bad ass that I had high expectations this past Sunday evening. With Joan practically cracking her dumbass husbands head open with a vase, and the conniving that went on to create Sterling Cooper Draper Price, there was some serious attitude going on when we late left our mad men and gals. Don conceded to Betty’s request to divorce with Betty flying off to Vegas with new beau Henry (snore). Joanie’s hub was heading off to Vietnam (hopefully never to be seen again) and the gang was held up in a hotel room launching SCDP off the ground (without poor Ken or Kinsey).

This season opened with the line, “Who is Don Draper?” A question asked by many an audience member, delivered by a reporter from “Ad Age”. Don started out the episode pretty uncomfortably. He’s uncomfortable talking about himself naturally because he keeps so many damned secrets. He used to be constantly brooding and illusive because heck, he’s basically lied about every single thing in his life. By the time he’s decided to switch gears at the end of the episode, one wonders if he’s tired of the whole charade, and has decided to screw off and just be “Don Draper”, the character he’s invented. With the new risky and risqué SCDP comes the same attitude from Don, especially for his closing interview with the Wall Street Journal. A commenter on said it best: “If there was something substantial to be taken from this episode, I think it’s the beginning interview with Ad Age and the end interview with WSJ. I think they’re going to serve as a metaphor for Don’s character development this season. The comfort of the old agency & family life gave him the opportunity to be closed off. Now that it’s all unraveled and the security blanket is gone, he has no choice but to open up to the outside world. This season will show how he comes to terms with that.” Indeed.

Let’s catch up with our other characters:

Betty- Oh miserable Betty. I understand that Betty is a cruel and heartless bitch. I mean, if you were married to Don Draper and had to deal with his crap for years, you’d be a cold heartless bitch too. But my opinion is still that Betty is such a fabulous cold and heartless bitch because January Jones is such a terrible actress. She’s PERFECT for the role, because her acting is so cold and unaffected. When Betty attempts to yell at Don or raise her voice to some emotional state, I cringe and just want JJ to go back to being monotone and lifeless again.

Henry- How nasty is this relationship? Seeing those two make out was totally gross. When Don brought the kids back from their weekend in the city, I totally half expected them to have died in the car from carbon monoxide poisoning. I feel like that should have happened, it would have continued the badassery and then we wouldn’t have to deal with those two anymore. Don could move back into the house with the kids and move on. Alas, it didn’t happen, and I’m totally predicting that Don and Betty will start sleeping together. But that’s a bit obvious, so maybe not.

Sally- Oh Sally. In 5 years she’s totally going to be an acid dropping hippie. I can just see it. AMC, I’m begging for a Sally Draper late 60s into 70s spinoff. Make it so.

Peggy- I like this “secret” relationship that she’s got going on with Don. How she’s really the only one who can call him on a lot of his bull. Stemming from their whole swapping of favors, their “don’t treat me like an idiot” attitude toward one another is great. Also, who’s this little boy assistant that she has? More please.

Joan- Good job ignoring Harry when he was all “get me some coffee, woman.” You’ve got your own office now. Though I’m unsure of what exactly you do, I want you to tell these men to suck it. You should keep fancy vases all over your office. I look forward to you breaking them this season.

Recue Me premiered a few weeks ago but my schedule finally allowed me to catch up on my DVR. To plug my own career a bit, I had a tiny role in fourth episode “Breakout” and had a ton of fun. We last left Tommy Gavin lying on the floor in the gangs illegal bar, bleeding out after having been shot by Uncle Teddy. Natch he didn’t die of course. The premiere opened with Tommy’s near death experience in the back of the ambulance in which he encountered his cousin Jimmy and the 9/11 fire fighters in a hockey rink. They all moved towards a bright light, while Tommy was engulfed in flames and struggled to make saves in a building fire. When he finally came back to life, Tommy was convinced he had gone to hell.

This season (the penultimate) seems like it will revolved around Tommy’s plan to get back on track and make good with his life. He’ll attempt to quit drinking, yet again…we’ll see how that goes, and make amends with his family. What I did like about the first few episodes is how unexpected the characters reactions were to Tommy’s shooting. I predicted that Sheila, Janet and the guys would all be super sympathetic and lovey dovey over Tommy, because everyone always is. Instead, they were all pissed off at him! They basically told them that getting shot was his fault and he’s an asshole who needs to get his shit together. I liked this reaction because I’m getting kind of tired of Tommy’s bullshit and addictions. While the show is a dramedy, in recent seasons the drama (and some SCREWED up drama at that) has been front and center. kind of turning the whole show into Gavin’s dysfunctional power hour. The comedy that comes along with a bunch of idiot fire fighters and their lives has been such good material in past seasons. I feel like the premise of Tommy refocusing his life has the potential for great comedy, and I hope they take advantage of that.

Checking in with the other characters:

Uncle Teddy- How’d they keep this guy from getting arrested for shooting Tommy is beyond me. Especially since he already spent time in prison for shooting Connor’s killer.

Colleen: This whole “I’m a drunken whore because I’m Irish,” is a little clichéd and phony if you ask me. A skinny blond in New York would more likely be a coke head clubber than a booze hound. It’s all a little contrived.

Damien- I’m glad they’re developing his character a bit more. Having been on the show a few times, I know this actor is really down to earth and nice and I’m glad he’s getting a chance to take this role further.

As for Weeds, how awesome is this promo poster?

Love Shane’s croquet mallet.  How screwed UP is that kid going to be??? Silas and Andy look mad sexy. Sadly, I don’t have Showtime, so I always have to wait for the DVD’s. Alas, I’m still excited.

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  1. Jess Verdi permalink
    July 29, 2010 9:56 am

    Mad Men: Premiere was really well-done, but I am really finding myself missing Ken, Kinsey, Sal, and all the office dudes. They were my favorite part of the show. Although… IMDB has Aaron Stanton (Ken) listed as being in episode 2. So hopefully they’ll find a way to bring all these guys back somehow. January Jones is such a bad actor it makes my brain hurt. She was embarrasing on SNL. Just painful to watch. Her haircut looks cute though. And what’s up with Matt Long being on the show all of a sudden? Possible new love interest for Peggy? I hope so!

    Rescue Me: I don’t know how I’m feeling about this show anymore. The misogynistic writing is getting to be a little too much for me. And I think this whole Colleen/alcoholic arc is jumping the shark a little. And whoa, Andrea Roth is super pregnant. It was so obvious they brought in a body double for the scene were Franco watches her changing.

    Weeds: Another show I used to adore but am feeling a little ambivalent about lately. I am gonna give it one more chance, and I’m really, truly hoping they get away from all this Mexican B.S. and shift back to the whole “suburban widow with a secret” story. That’s what made this show work. I gurarantee if they had started season 1 with all the Mexican mayor baby daddy crap, the show wouldn’t have lasted more than 2 seasons. But I do love me some Justin Kirk. The man is genius.

    As for another summer show… I saw a sneak preview of the first episode of Rubicon (shot in NYC!), and it rocks. It’s still pretty hard to tell exactly what the deal with this show is (it’s very cryptic), but I know I like it.

  2. August 10, 2010 7:57 pm

    Great post!!;)

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