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Premiere Week FTW!

September 29, 2010

Remember how excited I was back when summer TV started? Well multiply that by 10 because the “normal” TV season is back again for more. The only thing I’m lacking this year is my beloved Lost, but hey, that’s what the DVD’s are for. Let’s go through the week with the show, new and old that I watched over last week:


I decided to check out HBO’s new show Boardwalk Empire. One caveat, I was in a few scenes in the Pilot so not only did I want to see the show that’s being called “the next Sopranos” but wanted to check out myself as well. J The style of the show is really gorgeous. It has a whole Technicolor look to it, as if it was shot in black and white and then painted over cell by cell. I think this stylizing choice is really cool, and though a few years ahead of the actual time setting, reflects the era. A friend of mine remarked that the whole thing looked a bit too clean, especially the Boardwalk sets. Well, I can see that critique, though that stuff was new back in 1920. The Boardwalk itself was built on the beach in Brooklyn, and it does look rather cartoonish in real life. But again, the whole style of the show is a little bit exaggerated; sort of like a silent film. Everything looks very clean, perfect and over the top. Even Steve Buscemi’s character, Nucky Thompson is a little too clean. I honestly can’t picture this guy as a gangster; he’s just way too nice. Perhaps watching Nucky and Atlantic City accumulate their grit is what the show is all about. Heck it was already renewed for a second season.


My first Monday show was the return of House. After the traumatic season finale, House and Cuddy finally kind of came to their senses and decided to give being together a shot. The premiere was pretty darn cute I have to say. I hope they actual pull through with this. I’m sure there will be the natural conflicts that come with house being who he is. But I’m getting tired of House being this constant old and alone curmudgeon. I can’t stand it when character don’t grow or change and house well, does not. Looks like Olivia Wilde is also going to be MIA for a while since she had to go shoot a movie or something. Way to go House, first Cameron leaves for a really annoying reason just as she and Chase were getting somewhere. I’m fine with relationships not working out on shows, but not that quickly and not that stupidly. Grr.

The other show I checked out on Monday was The Event. Advertised as 24+Lost=The Event, I was intrigued, but skeptical. Hey wasn’t Heroes supposed to be the next Lost? How about Daybreak? Flash Forward anyone? I’ll give it a shot, as it was rather mysterious and although I think the token “cute” guy is actually a little weird looking, it drew me in enough to care for a little while. We’ll see how it goes, not much was revealed, which is verging on Flash Forward territory, which isn’t good.

Spoiler Update: Ok so a bunch of aliens landed here in 1944 and now there’s some ish going down. Oh and that Asian Agent guy is also a sleeper alien. Sounding more and more like V. Hm.


Glee! Glee was awesome and I loved it. I don’t know who this Charice/Sunshine girl is, but I hear she’s a famous pop star already or something. So that’s kind of lame. Is the blonde kid the one who won the contest for the new cast member? I like Beiste, but she’s a little too much like Sue, no? They also really need to drop the whole Artie playing football plot line. It’s just sad.


Thursday is seriously my TV jam. With Fringe, 30 Rock and the drawn out, overly dramatic but still pumping Grey’s Anatomy, I am set for the night.

Fringe, my friends is the only show that is currently up to par with Lost’s sci-fi meets character driven angle. The premiere was pretty cool, with Olivia stuck in parallel world. Next week hopefully we get back to regular Walter and Peter. I miss them. The cast mentioned at Comicon this summer that they were hoping that the characters would evolve to a point where the audience no longer knew who to root for. That would have to take some maneuvering, but bring it on. But if the doesn’t work out, I totally think they need to bring alterna-Charlie back to the real world.

30 Rock, fresh off its first Emmy non-win for best comedy. Doing a recap of 30 Rock is sort of like trying to explain a drug trip, so… I won’t. But Matt Damon is hilarious. Three words: Black Bachelorette Parties. . EW’s Annie Barret said it right, “I can’t decide which gift is greater — Jason Bourne crying like an infant or The Barefoot Contessa serving as Lemon’s life idol. “Her husband only comes home on the weekends and she spends the rest of the time eating and drinking with her gay friends!’”

Grey’s was, well Grey’s. The promos for the season were all about healing; the posters asking, “Who Puts You Back Together?” after last season’s mass killings. I kind of love the crazytown Lexie Grey. She’s all badass and telling Alex he’s a chump and back to being a brunette. Go for it girl. Christina and Owen getting married = Ugh. I’m so torn with this. I really don’t care for the Owen character and Kevin McKidd’s creepy flesh colored beard skeeves me out. It’s good to see Christina finally happy but like, remember when the dude tried to choke you in your sleep? Hrm. Also, did they HAVE to show that guys face getting sliced open?!?1 WTF??

Well More TV is back folks. That means my winter’s of sitting on my sofa and eating soup I made in my crock pot is almost upon us. SCORE!

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  1. September 29, 2010 5:30 pm

    1. Had to skip your House review cuz I haven’t seen it yet. NOSPOILERS!

    2. The novelty of Glee is wearing off pretty quickly for me…

    3. Wow. I really loved Boardwalk Empire.

    4. What about Dexter? Do you watch Dexter?

    5. Psh, whatevs! More Kevin McKidd for me, then!

    • September 30, 2010 11:25 am

      2. It’s wearing off a little for me too. It’s turning into a karaoke show. I’m super tired of the theme shows; it’s as if soon all episodes will only be about one artist. Lea Michele is really annoying me too. Not only is her character annoying as hell (like any high school stage diva should) but her songs are boring as hell and I can’t stand her lip syncing faces.
      3. I 80% loved it. Not 100% yet.
      4. No as I do not have HBO. But Ari has started to watch on Netflix online and says I would love it. So I have to do that and Modern Family ASAP.

  2. Steph permalink
    September 29, 2010 6:11 pm

    I agree that Fringe is really the only LOST-level “regular season” TV show happening right now in terms of depth and complexity, and I suspect by its eventual conclusion maaaaay even surpass LOST (I know, I can’t believe I said it, either) for its independence from the core good vs. evil absolute that LOST came to rely upon.

    What Jenny said re: Kevin McKidd. LOVE! I never had any interest in seeing Grey’s Anatomy until I learned he would be appearing on the show. I think his hair/beard being less fire-engine-red and more natural blond is one of the better choices they made this new season!

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