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Newsies Appreciation Post

January 26, 2011

The time is now upon us to appreciate the greatness that is Newsies. Ah Newsies, the 1992 Disney musical about rapscallion news boys fighting David and Goliath style against mega publisher Joseph Pulitzer. The musical that gave us a young Christian Bale, a singing Bill Pullman, cigar smoking max Cassella, and an amazing character named Spot Conlon. It’s also probably the only film (nay, thing) that has ever gotten me to root for Brooklyn. As the 92y Tribeca put it, “Marvel at the impressive amount of underage smoking and drinking! Ogle Ann-Margret as she hangs it all out with a bunch of street children! Visit the legendary Scrappy Docks of Brooklyn! And croon (or, talk rhythmically) along with Christian Bale about the one place we’d all love to go: Santa Fe?”

Now that a Newsies stage musical is in the works, my usual Newsies enthusiasm has multiplied ten fold. Some friends and I went to that Tribeca Newsies sing-along here in NYC. We donned newsboy caps and my friend made T-Shirts with Spot Conlon on them that said, “Never fear, Brooklyn is here.” The ratio of actresses to female roles here in NYC theater is pretty bleak, so I do hope they make some significant female additions to the stage production (or maybe I just want to be  Newsie). But behold, dear readers, my Newsies appreciation post, filled with fun pictures, videos and Newsies love from all around (aka YouTube).

When my friends and I went to the Newsies sing-along, we saw this guy come in and we seriously thought it was the guy who plays Crutchy. We got so excited for like 10 minutes, because heck if Crutchy came, maybe CHRISTIAN BALE was coming too! Turns out it was totally not Crutchy. We started talking to him right before and during the show and he was flattered to have been mistaken for Crutchy. He seriously looked like him though, check it out:

Guy at Newsies Sing-along-


Hey, it could have been. You were tons of fun to hang out with though, Guy-Who-Looked-Like Crutchy.

Also…Damn, I had forgotten how freaking sexy Newsies was. Yowza.

When I got home I started to surf the tubes for more fun Newsies things.  The following vids are a two part “oOficial” Behind the Scenes look at the filming:

Followed by a kind of hilarious three part “What it’s like to be in a movie” piece hosted by beloved Racetrack himself:

Which brings us to our next segment-

Unofficial videos! and People who Dork out about Newsies more than me and I am thankful for it:

Here is a fun website of Newsies dorkitude that tells me there was a girl newsie in the original script. Huzzah! Bring her back I say!

A Newsies cast member posted some behind the scenes footage on YouTube, let’s check it out:

I’m just going to ignore their blatant homosexuality, lest if ruin my newsboy fantasies. This next one is interesting for actors or other film buffs, I believe it’s their dance instructor giving them notes on the bus.

And finally, some dance rehearsals!

This seems o be some sort of silly movie Mad by Max Cassella and his castmates.

One of my favorite Newsies YouTube vids is this mash up of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to the dance routine from the “Seize the Day Chorale.”

Next, this is kind of a crappy vid, but I love this giant chorus (of people who can actually sing) performing “Seize the Day”. It really shows how lovely the song can be with female voices.

I also really like this version as done by the Long Island Gay Mens Chorus

And finally, does anyone else notice that Spot Conlon is riding away in Roosevelt’s carriage at the beginning of the credits? I couldn’t find a screencap, but it happens, oh yes it does.

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  1. rachel "best dame" lefkowitz permalink
    January 26, 2011 10:16 pm

    LOOOOVE! also, that was definitely crutchy. also, some of these videos are on the dvd as bonus features, i think. also, best time ever. ALSO, always root for brooklyn. ❤


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