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American Idol: My trials and tribulations and tonight’s Top 10 (13)

March 9, 2011

Dear CBC readers,

Alright, I have a confession to make. It’s Ash Wednesday, it’s Lent, time to come clean.

I….am an American Idol watcher. Yes it’s true. Most of you who know me personally may know this. I even started live tweeting about it during the premiere and first rounds of auditions. I hesitated to start blogging about it until now because, well until now most of the show is BS. The auditions rounds and Hollywood rounds are pure reality show nonsense (not to say the rest of the show isn’t, but you know, less so). The judges, music moguls they may be, seem at times completely tone deaf (some of the most heartily praised first round contestants this season just made…my…ears…bleed.) This is one of those guilty pleasure shows that my Hubs says I am too smart to watch (along with Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries… I’ll defend those two on another occasion). It’s mostly bad, but when it’s good, it can be REALLY good. I’m talking Adam Lambert’s “Mad World” good. I’m talking David Cook’s “Billie Jean” good. Jason Castro’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, Carly Smithson’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Natural Woman”, Carrie Underwood’s “Alone”, GOOD. Also, I’m not really missing Simon too much just yet. He was always the one who made the most sense at Judges table. But Steven Tyler is freaking hilarious. And now that we’re into the Top 10 (which got pushed to a Top 13 after some Wild Card rounds) starting tonight, we can get to the good stuff, and leave the BS behind us. Let’s take a look at the Top 13 contestants (ahem and also discuss what I think of them, lol).

1. Ashton Jones

I’m pretty uninterested in this girl. She’s got a fine, sassy voice, but I think the whole “And I’m Tellin’ You” trend has got to come to a close. She brings nothing new to the table.  J-Hud has left the building.

2. Casey Abrams

I freaking love this dude. He’s such a badass on the upright bass and he’s a jazzy, cool cat. I kind of wish he’d shave though. He needs a David Cook makeover stat (Remember how doofy that kid looked?).

3. Haley Reinhart

I really like this gal too. I think her voice is really interesting and old school. I wish she would stop trying so hard though. When she sang “Fallin'” last round she was like diva-fying it up and it sounded great but just….looked…strange? Randy was right on the mark when he said that song was intended to be sad, not sexy. Calm down gurl and just saaang the song.

4. Jacob Lusk

I’d listen to this guy bring it to church any day. He’s got fantastic range and super control. I just don’t know where he fits in on this show. I mean, what kind of album would he come out with if he won? Unclear.

5. James Durbin

So far, I like this dudes song choices and rocker style. He’s also got really great range. I hope he goes far.

6. Karen Rodriguez

Isweartogod if this girl puts some Spanish into every single song she sings I’m going to go bonk bonk. I’m not disregarding the popularity of Latin music nor the fact that “American” Idol should definitely include our ginormous Latino/a population. But… bonk bonk.

7. Lauren Alaina

Allison Iraheta verison 2.0! I like her, she’s got pipes, and she seem to be a little bit better of a performer than Allison. But still I’m wary aout the whole age drop down to 15 this year (WHY did they do that?) I think she might still be a little inexperienced, and that may end up being her downfall.

8. Naima Adedapo

I’m SO glad she got put through in the Wild Card Round. I really love her voice. I really love her Rastafarian style. I love her piercing blue eyes. I want them to fix her teeth! But as Elliott Yamin has shown us, they’ll do it eventually.

9. Paul McDonald

I’m really digging Paul. He’s got a bluesy vibe going on like Casey, though a little more country. BUT I want him to stop singing Rod Stewart and start singing some Mumford & Sons, STAT.

10. Pia Toscano

She’s got a great voice, but she’s in the same boat as Jacob Lusk I think. Meaning, I don’t know what kind of recording artists she’d be. Right now I’m thinking Celine Dion 2.0, and does the world really need another?

11. Scotty McCreery

I’m not into Country music even a little bit. That said, this guy probably has a niche market of southern ladies who are going to vote their pants off for him.

12. Stefano Langone

Ooooh J Lo’s gonna swoon this season folks. He’s pure Latin candy. He’s got a good voice. Puts me to sleep though.

13. Thia Megia

Another underage cutie with a powerhouse voice. She’s got no personality yet, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to her. My suggestion? Quit wearing that enormous knitted child’s sweater and go play Eponine on a Les Mis tour then come back to Idol.

Well that’ my two cents folks. What do you all think of this bunch? Tune in tonight to see the first performances of the Top 13.

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