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Bossypants by Tina Fey

April 14, 2011

I love Tina Fey. Read her new book Bossypants. It’s really funny and great.

That’s my entire review.

Just kidding, but oh that I weren’t. I think my opinion that the book is really funny and great and the fact that it is by Tina Fey is really enough. However, I was honestly expecting something a little different. I was expecting more laugh out loud, straight up comedy book. Instead what we got was a kind of personal (yet still freaking hilarious) memoir. She’s taking a big risk and showing some of the true person behind the “Tina Fey” persona we all know, so kudos to her for that. Also, the fact that she talks about a lot of events/things/places right outside of Philly where she grew up made me kind of freak out in more love for her. (Nice try Tina Fey, Delaware County Summer Showtime is totally code for Upper Darby Summer Stage isn’t it? Mwahahaha).  The book doesn’t really even go in chronological order sometimes, because her mind jumps instead to stories that are connected in some way rather than what follows linearly. My favorite chapter was the story of her honeymoon and her description of cruises: “There are guys playing steel drums and handing you drinks. They don’t ask if you are a recovering alcoholic or if you are on any medications that might interact negatively with alcohol. This is maritime law! You get a drink without asking…There are some wonderful Filipinos who fold your towels in the shape of a different animal every night, It might be an elephant wearing your sunglasses, or a duck wearing your sunglasses. It’s just fun. Don’t over think it.” Being a cruise lover myself, naturally I love observational humor regarding the many ridiculous things about them. All in all a quick and funny read, definitely check it out if you’re a fan of hers, 30 Rock, SNL etc. If you’re not a fan, read it anyway, cause it’s funny. Also, Blorft.

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