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Emmy Awards 2011!!

September 19, 2011

Greetings Emmy Fans! Well last night was the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards. Hosted by Glee‘s Jane Lynch and broadcast on Fox this year, it was a night of some serious surprises and award upsets. Before we get into some great moments, let’s talk le fashion. There was a big trend last night of ladies in red, and since red is my favorite color evaaar, I loved most of it.  Let’s start with:


Juliana Margulies- WHAT is this? A Spacesuit? Have you been watching too much Through The Wormhole? Can’t blame you for that. CAN blame you for looking like a strip of vanilla flavored candy buttons.

Tajari P. Henson-Girl this sparkly nightgown doesn’t even fit you right.

Zooey Deschanel- Man she’s so cute, but I did NOT like this outfit, It just looks like a really bad, discount bridesmaids dress.

Joel McHale- Joel, remember what I said during the Oscars about looking like Orville Reddinbocker? 

Katie Holmes- Did you just come from a Scientology soccer game?

Michael Pitt’s Date- Michael, you’re super sexy. What’s this beast you brought?

At least he didn’t bring Paz De La Huerta…yikes…

Now the EH…

Lea Michele- Love the color, love the back, the Dynasty shoulder pads? Nu-uh.

Kristen Wiig- I actually really like this dress, I just wish it fit her a little better at the top and she had did up her hair mo’ better.

Gwyneth Paltrow- We get it Gwyneth, you’re abs are ripped because all you eat is microbiotic baby food or something. Still, your dress needs a middle.

Kerry Washington- Again love the color, love the cut, but down the bottom there, it looks like she’s wearing Twizzlers ala that one Project Runway Challenge.

Now for the BESTEST!

Kate Winslet-Oooh curves and red. Work it.

Christina Hendricks- Ooh curves and sparkle. Work it.

Sofia Vergara- Ooh curves and color (see a trend?) Work it.

Noteworthy moments:

-Jane Lynch was a phenomenal host in my opinion. Her jokes were well timed and spot on. Example #1: “I do have a Gay Agenda, and here it is:  Call Rachel Maddow and ask her what time spin class is. Have oil changed in my car, Oh…never mind I can do that on my own.” Example #2: “People ask me why I’m a lesbian. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the cast of Entourage.” Her opening number and song about “The World of TV” was  hilarious, especially the bit with the cast of Mad Men.  Take a peak.

-In a hilarious bit, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have a bit of a wrastle over Fallon’s secret thank you speech that he’ll never get to read because The Daily Show wins every freaking year. Fox is a Nazi about it’s stuff being on youtube, but you can watch it here. (I just have to note that, later on when The Daily Show wins, Jon Stewart did, in fact, raise the Emmy like The Lion King baby.)

Modern Family sweeps the first four categories: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, Best Writing and Directing in a Comedy. Gee I wonder if three hours later they’ll win Best Comedy. Ya think? I was honestly surprised about the acting categories, I really figured that they would somehow all cancel each other out and there’d be an upset, and I truly did want Christ Colfer to win after this season of Glee (since his bullying storyline was about the only worthwhile thing).

-Ricky Gervais’ pre-recorded cameo was gut busting.

-Amy Poehler is hilarious. In what was definitely planned but seemed spontaneous bit, Amy Poehler rushed the stage after her name was read as a nominee for Best Actress in a Comedy. Following suit, the other nominees joined her on stage in a silly, mock-pageant style reveal of the winner. Something tells me Edie Falco and Laura Linney weren’t in on the plan, since their walks up to the stage looked a little like, “Should we be doing this? Yeah? Ok!” HuffPo has the whole thing over there, albeit with some of the best reactions cut out.

-The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton gave us a little performance of their nominated songs. AMAZING. Gotta love that Michael Bolton is in on the joke. Freak Bill Macy.

-Charlie Sheen showed up to… apologize?…Praise Two and a Half Men?…Be awkward? I’m not really sure. But I’m betting they had their fingers ready on those editing buttons like a boss.

-Oh yeah and…more Jane Lynch being amazing: JERSEY

Complete List of Winners

Well gang, let’s see how I did. I’ve put a star next to my accurate predictions.

Outstanding comedy series: Modern Family*
Outstanding drama series: Mad Men*-SEE! The 2 HBO shows totally split the vote.
Outstanding miniseries or movie: Downton Abbey*
Outstanding lead actress, miniseries or movie: Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce*
Outstanding supporting actor in a miniseries or movie: Guy Pearce, Mildred Pierce
Outstanding directing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special: Brian Percival, Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actor in a miniseries or movie: Barry Pepper, The Kennedys
Outstanding supporting actress, miniseries or movie: Maggie Smith, Downton* Abbey
Outstanding writing for a miniseries or movie: Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey
Outstanding lead actor, drama: Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Outstanding lead actress, drama: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Outstanding supporting actor, drama: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones*
Outstanding directing, drama: Martin Scorsese, Boardwalk Empire *
Outstanding supporting actress, drama: Margo Martindale, Justified
Outstanding writing, drama series: Jason Katims, Friday Night Lights
Outstanding variety, music or comedy series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Outstanding directing for a variety, music or comedy series: Don Roy King, Saturday Night Live (host: Justin Timberlake)
Outstanding writing for a variety, music or comedy series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart*
Outstanding reality competition: The Amazing Race
Outstanding lead actress, comedy: Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly)
Outstanding lead actor, comedy series: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Outstanding writing for a comedy: Steve Levitan, Jeffrey Richman (“Caught in the Act”), Modern Family
Outstanding director, comedy: Michael Alan Spiller (“Halloween”),  Modern Family
Outstanding supporting actor, comedy: Ty Burrell (Modern Family)
Outstanding supporting actress, comedy: Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

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  1. Steph permalink
    September 19, 2011 4:46 pm

    Good one, Ms. CBC! Love the fashion recap.

  2. October 15, 2011 8:05 am

    very excellent post, i certainly love this superb site, keep on it

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