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Trailer Watch: One Snow White looks better than the other.

December 7, 2011

So the Fairy Tale trend is in full swing, dudes. You’ve got  Once Upon a Time, and Grimm on TV. Plus a good sack full of films in production or in the works, the most recent first look being that of Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner as Hansel and Gretel.

I have to say, they look a little…Underworldy? And the title, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters sounds like a hokey scyfy movie of the week.  Fairy Tale adaptations like this one tend go one of two ways: Totally awesome, or truly wretched. Adapting a fairy tale can be seriously difficult, given the settings, over the top characters, and magic involved, but I love it when they try. I’m quite a  Fairy Tale nerd. I went through a brief period of attempting to write angsty-teen revisions during high school. Sadly (or luckily?) those were all lost when my laptop died from an unfortunate Diet Coke incident.

Disney announced back in August that they were working on an adaptation of Snow White’s story titled  Order of the Seven, even though two Snow White films are almost wrapped. I have to say though, bring it on Disney, because these two don’t bust my buttons just yet. Let’s take a look.

Mirror, Mirror.
I had hoped, from the title, that they were actually making a film out of Gregory Maguire’s awesome book. But alas, its is not so. Also, they cast Julia Roberts as the evil queen and BAM, the whole thing seems to have gone down hill from there. Guys…this…looks…terrible.

I get it, they’re shooting for the comedy here, and Lily Collins totally looks the part. But …OY. Julie Roberts slipping in and out of her terrible accent, the one-liners, the weird rock music. I don’t know where this movie is going, but I know where I am NOT going on its opening weekend.

Snow White & The Huntsman
Now…I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart. But tell me, doesn’t this movie look a lot mo’ bettah?

Looks like Kristen Stewart is not going to be a problem because CLEARLY the winner of this trailer, and hopefully the film, is in the awesome looking performance from Charlize Theron. Really, this is what I imagined when I sat down at 16 or so to come up with some Fairy Tale badassery. Hope it lives up to my expectations.

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