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New(ish) Music: Delta Rae

January 29, 2013

A friend of mine introduced me to Delta Rae over a kick ass vacation we took recently.  They started out as a sibling group back in 2009 and have grown along the way. Their debut album “Carry the Fire” was released back in June, 2012, but like most new bands took a while to get around to the masses. They’re perfectly tailored to blend well into the Americana/Folk Rock trend that’s plowing through the music industry with Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, The Civil Wars and others leading the way. Their drum-slamming, guitar-strumming folksy sound was perfect for our sunny, cocktails-by-the-pool vacation. Give a listen:


This song has permeated my brain and I keep singing t over and over again. Despite the slight cheese-factor of the video, I love the Southern Day of the Dead vibe they’ve got going on. Their great instrumentations are accompanied by some powerhouse vocals, especially from the tiny youngest sibling Brittany Holljes. Listen to these pipes:


While I do think that their album can get a little disjointed-there are a few songs that don’t seem to fit, sounding a little too “adult contemporary” for my taste, and one that sounds downright musical theater like-I think i’ts a brilliant debut and even if this Mumford “trend” is just that, I think they’re talented enough to have a long future.

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